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Wir leben • pharmacies partners

As fit and healthy as can be!

The wir leben • pharmacies will be your reliable point of contact, when it comes to sport.

Health, fitness, but also concerns regarding anti-doping are our absolute priority.

Ask us. Come and see us in our pharmacies.
We would be happy to provide for your sports team too!


THW Kiel

Deutscher Handballbund

Berliner Füchse

SV Buxtehude

Adendorfer Eishocky Club

Eintracht Elbmarsch

VFL Stade

Handballverein Lüneburg e.v.

SG Handball Rosengarten

HSG Badenstedt

SVG Lüneburg

SVG Celle

The wir leben • Pharmacies promotes activity, movement and Sport! - That’s why we support our athletes.