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wir leben • healthy

We don’t just want to be there when you are feeling ill, we want to provide preventative help...

In the 13 wir leben - pharmacies the five pharmacy owners,
Elke Düvel, Dirk Düvel, Christoph Behrens, Christoph Hinsch and Florian Hauk employ approx. 160 employees.

Today’s concept has been developed from the long-standing Deich Apotheke in Marschacht. It was founded in 1726 and has been managed by Dirk Düvel since 1996.
In the wir leben • locations over 10,000 items for your health are available onsite. Our offer goes beyond the classic pharmaceutical range and has numerous preventative care offers and gentle alternatives. We work with the most modern storage technology, which gives our trained employees time to give our customers individual advice...

Our customers receive the most current information on health matters and current offers and campaigns via our monitoring system.
We are always able to sell leading products direct for individual purchases and pharmaceutical wholesale and ensure our customers get a fair price.

Wir leben • employees are specifically trained at our own vocational training academy and continually further their studies on health matters.

We voluntarily agree to be continuously monitored by TÜV who certify our quality in all areas.